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Gustavus, AK  99826
907-697-2288  •  1-800-628-0912

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All Alaska lodges look good on the Internet, but take a close look at what they offer.....what they really offer.

What costs extra or is not offered at other lodges, we include at no charge in our package trips.

The skeptic might ask, if the fishing is so good at Glacier Bay, why isn't Glacier Bay Country Inn showcased in magazines, newspapers and on the Internet at the same level as the Bristol Bay lodges?

The answer is obviously simple:

We prefer to keep what we do and how we do it low key, because it not only keeps out the competition, but also exemplifies our business philosophy.

For the saltwater angler, we offer a fishery that is second to none among Alaska's offshore waters. Forget the big harbors with their massive charter fleets, strong diesel fumes and noisy boats. We focus on remote waters not fished-out like areas near large coastal cities. During salmon season, it's common to have several rods with fish on at once.

Glacier Bay saltwater is Alaska's best fishing for another reason. While on the water, you can absorb the many gifts of Nature while waiting for a bite. Expect a sublime experience as we troll under massive island monoliths and watch the salmon and whales chase after baitfish. For here you can sample the richness of the sea, and photograph an abundance of marine life that you have never seen before.


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