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    8995 Yandukin Drive
    Juneau, AK  99801

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    Our primary objective is to support local business and industry in Air Taxi / Charter flying. Coastal provides air support for the local Power Company with over 45 miles of remote power lines. This often requires hovering in close proximity to the power lines and towers in adverse weather conditions to aid in troubleshooting line problems. The Telephone Company also requires helicopter assistance for the maintenance and repair of mountain top repeaters throughout SE Alaska that provide telephones to most of the small villages and a myriad of small boats. COASTAL HELICOPTERS also provides logistical support for the mining community in the form of transporting crews and geologists to remote areas for research and development and to transport supplies. Additionally we conduct airborne geophysical and electronic survey work.

    COASTAL HELICOPTERS does a wide assortment of other charter and contract work, including but not limited to; construction, search and rescue, logistic support for logging, helicopter skiing and glacier tour flights. COASTAL HELICOPTERS has become a favorite among amateur and professional photographers providing opportunities to photograph the unique and spectacular scenery in Juneau.

    We continue to grow as the demand increases in the areas of tourism and heli-skiing. Our focus in the visitor industry is to provide professional and exciting tour opportunities to individuals or groups of independent travelers. Where we can supply that support in a safe environment without adversely impacting the local community, it is our intention to do so.

    P.O. Box 32540
    Juneau, AK  99803

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    Trekking offers three levels of glacier trekking experiences on the glaciers of the Juneau Icefield. The treks are designed for people with no mountaineering experience and to provide small groups of clients an informative and in-depth glacier experience.

    A broad range of physical abilities can be accommodated on the three levels of treks offered. Appropriate mountaineering gear is provided for each level of trekking experience. All trips are conducted in small groups, normally no more than 12 clients, and provide personalized service

    P.O. Box 135
    Willow, AK  99688

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    Alaska Heli-Mush is a seasonal dog sled touring camp based on the Juneau Ice Field outside of Juneau, Alaska. We are remote and accessible only by helicopter. We provide dogsled tours from early May to early September.

    The camp is owned and operated by 2001 2nd place Iditarod finisher Linwood Fiedler. Working with Linwood is a team of professional musher guides who share the love of mushing with every guest.

    Time at the camp is about 1 hour. Your flight to us will be a flight-seeing wonder, flying over several glaciers and often seeing bears, bald eagles and mountain goats. Don't run out of film yet because once you land at our Norris Glacier camp, you're going mushing with a guide and your own team of Alaskan Huskies!. After your mush you will have time for close-up photos and to hear stories from your guide about their winter mushing life. Don't forget to ask if there are any newborn puppies to be seen and held!

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    Juneau, AK  
    907-789-0081  •  888-289-0081

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    Most of our tours offerings feature a “Guaranteed Wildlife” promise. Allen Marine Tours was the first operator in Alaska to make this guarantee to its passengers. In the past 10 years we have delivered on our commitment to find and observe the promised wildlife sightings on every tour we operate that features this guarantee.

    Why do we offer guaranteed wildlife sightings? We believe in truth in advertising, and putting our money where our mouth is. Our money-back guarantee represents our commitment to deliver the experience you expect of us. And we enjoy the exhilaration of sharing your first up-close whale or marine wildlife encounter. Our goal, every day, is to deliver a top quality tour.


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